Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Bottom Line Impact?

A: Founded in 2003, Bottom Line Impact (BLI) is a leader in write-off recovery solutions for the Utility Industry that allows utilities to discover hidden revenue in their active customer base. BLI’s driving principal is to produce tangible, positive impact to its customer’s bottom line. Its foundation comes from many years of experience developing data solutions.

Q: What is The Automated Revenue Miner?

A: The Automated Revenue Miner (ARM) is a CIS independent service that uses proprietary, industry-leading data mining techniques and matching algorithms to find inactive utility customers owing money that are hiding in the utilities active customer base.

Q: How does The Initial ROI Assessment work? How long does the Assessment take?

A: After BLI signs a Confidentiality/Non-disclosure agreement to protect the utility’s data, BLI performs a Discovery that uncovers specific utility rules, regulations, processes, procedures and philosophies regarding matching and balance transfers. BLI obtains an extract of customer data from the utilities CIS system to input into the Automated Revenue Miner. Within several weeks of receiving the Customer Extract, BLI can tell how much lost revenue the ARM will be able to identify on the first day the system is activated. The Initial ROI Assessment includes Bottom Line Impact’s One-Day ROI Guarantee; Bottom Line Impact pledges that utility companies will recover all costs associated with the Automated Revenue Miner on the 1st day of operation.

Q: How long has Bottom Line Impact been in business?

A: Bottom Line Impact has been in business since 2003. We currently have over 100 utility customers. These include Gas, Electric, Water and Waste utilities. We have investor owned, municipalities and deregulated utilities as customers. Our smallest utilty customer has 26,000 active customers and our largest utility customer has over 5 million customers. 

Q: What is your background?

A: BLI Founder Patrick Carberry is the Chief Architect of the Automated Revenue Miner (ARM). Patrick has a unique combination of 30 years of software, data, Utility Industry and Credit/Collection solution building experience.

Q: Why should we get from BLI what we could potentially build ourselves?

A: Time is money – you could build it yourself, but our experience shows us:

          -ITs focus is often elsewhere – when will they get around to conducting the research and development required to implement a solution that will lower your Utility’s write-offs?

          -Our solution is ready to go – we can be sending you bottom line results within a month.

          -We have been developing and enhancing this solution for more than 15 years – it is the best!

Q: What CIS systems are you compatible with?

A: All – we do not directly touch your systems, so we can support whatever systems or technologies you run on.

Q: How do you ensure confidentiality of our Customer Data?

A: BLI utilizes, and requires its utility partners to use, industry standard data encryption and SFTP protocols. Maintaining data security and confidentiality is our highest priority. All BLI employees with access to secure data are trained and tested. BLI conducts regular monthly security meetings.

Q: Are the matches identified by the ARM transferred manually or automatically?

A: This is a customer decision. An automated process can be developed, or might already be developed, that will utilize the ARM Results File.

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